SINGING ANEW SONG by Bishop Dr. J. Akin Atere




“And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: Many shall see it and fear, and shall trust in Jehovah.” There is this common lyrics you will sing with  me“When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done for me, my very Soul shall shout Halleluiah; Praise God for saving me…” Psalmist says in Psalm 89:1 “I will sing of the mercies of the Lord with my mouth will I make known thy Faithfulness to all generations”. This teaching is a continuation of last month message of what it means not to remember the former things in order to “sing a new song”. I pray that the Lord will give you a new Song in Jesus name. Psalm 40: 3 “And he hath put a new song in my mouth…” Here unlike the message of last month, this time around ,its not that you desire to sing a new song but its God Himself that will put it in your mouth. Before now I looked at the topic, “remember ye not the former things” one of the things that God does when you do not remember the former things is that He gives you a new dawn. And a new dawn often times is heralded by a change of song. In Isaiah 43:18-21, Isaiah prophesied to the Israelites that God will bring about a new dawn even in their captivity(read). Eventually, God brought about their liberation. Critically examining the scripture, there are factors that are responsible for where you are and your singing a new song. Many of us care so much about what people say, but it’s not what people say that matters but who says it.  Who do you listen to? Is he/she a person of authority over your life? Many are in captive of what is said by men but the most important thing is what God is saying concerning you and what God has said concerning you based on His promises? Psalm 68:11 “The Lord giveth the word: the women that publish the tidings are a great host”. Psalm 24:1 “The earth is Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein”. There is nothing created by God that God cannot use to glorify Himself. Yesterday, I looked at the promise of God with respect to the words He has spoken. The promise of God gives you a glimpse of the future. so, when you are going through the stormy times, the promises of God concerning you keeps you on track. Also when focusing on God and His promises, have a reward in view; In the case of David when He fought Goliath, He had a reward in view. You need to change your focus to God in order to sing a new song meaning every other thing is immaterial but God. A man that lacks focus falls for everything. God does a new thing when you “remember not the former things” and gives you a “New Song”. Like in the case of the Israelites; they were in captivity, they were in bondage but God gave them a new song so much so that the horse and its riders were buried unceremoniously. The word Horse and its rider it’s a metaphor. (Exodus 15:1-5) The horse here symbolizes a form of strength to the people oppressing them, the rider here is the iron hand that the Egyptian used over them. I pray that whatsoever must have dominated your journey in 2020, whosoever might be oppressing you, as you begin to celebrate this year ,they shall be defeated in Jesus name. Another is in1 Samuel Chapter 1. Peninah provoked Hannah and made Hannah sang a new song at last. It does not matter who started first because we are not running a rat race, do not be moved by what men do, be moved by the timing of God. Whatsoever success someone attains, you should not be threatened; because when your time comes the Bible says the Lord makes everything beautiful in His time. The first house is not necessary the most beautiful house. May your Sun not go down in Jesus name. Life is about transition. Have you ever seen someone who sits in an office forever? No, the office sees the end of that man. There is reason and understanding to believe that time and season is in the hands of God. Peninah said Hannah has no child and began to do all that she could do but when the time came Hannah sang a new song. 1 Samuel 2:2 represents the song that Hannah stood for (sing). Irrespective of the past, God can change your song. No matter what someone has said concerning you God has the final say, I pray for you today when men say you are crawling they will begin to see you move in fast lane. I do not know who you are waiting on, but waiting on God will definitely bring you a new song. A typical example is the only battle David fought and did not win. The battle of Bathsheba, but David repented and sought God, then he sang Psalm 51:10“create in me a new heart oh Lord and renew a spirit within me, cast me not away from your presence oh Lord….” David sang a new song, The Lord restored him. Songs are descriptive of our emotional and psychological states; it tells us who we are at the point in time. For instance if you hear at the middle of the night a man singing “arise oh Lord and thy enemies be scattered…. Psalm 68:1, such a man is entering into warfare seeking God’s intervention. It is a song you sing for divine breakthrough or you hear a man singing from Psalm 25:2 “ Unto thee oh Lord do I lift up my soul, oh my Lord I trust in thee, let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me…”. There is One of the songs in the Bible is the song of fools, Ecc. 7:5″ It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song of a fool”, A song of a fool is a song that mocks God, a song that despises the greatness of God, Is a song that asks “where is thy God? A typical example is the song  that the prophet of Baal sang in 1 Kings 18 where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal and asked them to worship their gods to bring fire. There is also a song of Lamentation, this is a song that takes us to where we used to be, remembering the former things; a song of reflection. The same song was sung by the children of Israel in Psalm 137:1 “by the rivers of Babylon, there we sat, we wept, when we remembered Zion…how can we sing the Lord song in a strange land?” At this point the children of Israel remembered their freedom, but couldn’t sing the Lord song in a strange land? There is no doubt that the Children of Israel sang the song of Lamentation but lo and behold they got their restoration, I say to you; there is no other place for a man that is down but to rise up and the one that is up should take heed lest he falls. Another song is the song of Thanksgiving, it is very common when God gives people a new dawn and they do not remember the former things. This is the song God gave Hannah, till today there is no history about the children of Peninah, when God gives you a new dawn your testimony will be told for eternal generation. Even the snail as slow as it is was able to enter into the Noah’s Ark. No matter how slow people think you are, when God is on your side you will reach your destination singing a new song of thanksgiving. Also is a song of Worship. In Psalm 42:1 “as the deer panteth for the waters so my soul longeth after you, you are Lord and my heart desire is to worship you…” This was the song of David expressing his thirst for the presence of God and surrendering all to God. Acts 3:1-10. The story of the lame man at the beautiful gate.

7 things were wrong with this man:

  1. He had physical limitation. yours might be skills or disability. Many of us treat people with shame but I want you to know that sometimes it is in the hand of God
  2. His destiny was changed
  3. He was alive but could not fulfil his purpose
  4. The man at the beautiful gate, his fate became his faith
  5. He knew the place of prayer but did not sought the place of prayer
  6. His problem obliterated his name
  7. He depended on others for his livelihood. His problems were solved when he came in contact with Christ.  Maybe yours is all or you face just one of this. I tell you God can and wants to give you a new dawn and you will sing a new song. You can start by singing a new song in a strange land. Psalm 48:1 for ‘great is the Lord and greatly to be praised in the city of our God in the mountain of His holiness; beautiful for situation and He is the joy of the whole earth..” The interesting thing is that, the man was asking for alms when he got his miracle and his song would have been Psalm 89:1..I will sing of the mercies of the lord forever..” if he was to sing a contemporary  he would have sang “.. Come and see o, come and see what the Lord has done, for it is marvellous in my sight”. I pray today that you will sing the song of liberation in Jesus name. Another example of the challenges we face is the Widow at Nain, Luke 7:12-18, this woman’s only son died, the son was about to be buried.

Certain things were wrong:

  1. She had only one son and child, that is; the potential for the future was bleak
  2. Her future was obliterated
  3. No one to carry the family name anymore, implying all was lost.
  4. She must have passed the child bearing age
  5. .She would  live the rest of her life in pain. Maybe you are in that picture that you lost something and it seems irreplaceable in the sight of men … when God raised the child her song was, “I never see the kind of God before wonder wonder…” Luke 8: 26-37.

Another example is the mad man of Gedarene

  1. He was a mad man
  2. He was a man perpetually tormented by demons, may be you are a Christian but not living an overcoming life
  3. His problem became his name When Jesus rescued him, His song would have been “what shall I say unto the lord all I have to say is thank you Lord”. Acts Chapter 9, also is the story of Saul when he had an encounter with God. The persecutor of Christ became an evangelist. I want you to know that if you have experienced the miracle of salvation, you have experienced the mercies of God on your past and your song should be “Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine; praising my Saviour on that day long… this is my story this is my song praising my Saviour all that day long” Lastly, there are four things you need to do to sing a new song 1.Continually be a student of the word (2 Timothy 2:15. Joshua 1:8) 2. You must have absolute faith in God 3.You must continually testify of what God has done for you 4.Continually endeavour to live a life of accountability. Who do you account to? Live a life of holiness to God. Prayer points

‘And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD’ – Psalm 43 vs 3

I Samuel 1- Then Hannah prayed and said, “My heart exults in the Lord;My horn is exalted in the Lord,

Isaiah 54:1-3 – God says (paraphrased), “Sing, O Barren woman.  Forget your former shame. Expand your tent.  You haven’t been fruitful?  Watch Me.  Sing and enlarge your tent so you have a place to put the baby when it comes, not just one

2 Samuel 22 vs 1 – And David spake unto the Lord the words of this song in the day that the Lord had delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul

Revelation 14 vs 3 – And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

People that sung new Songs in the Bible

Moses and the Israelites when they Pharaoh perished in Red sea – Exodus 15 vs 15

Deborah when she led Israel to defeat the oppressive King of Sisera – Judges 5 vs 5

Hannah sang a song of Thanksgiving in 1 Samuel 1

David sang a new sung when God delivered him from all his enemies including Saul that wanted to kill him – 2 Samuel 22 vs 1-45

Mary and Elisabeth sang a new song when they met one another – Luke 1:39- 45

The saints shall sing a new song in heaven

When do you sing a new song?

When the Lord arises and fight for you.When God gives you rest from hot pursuers

When do you sing a new song? When God delivers you from bondage

When do you sing a new song? When the problems you see today you see they no more

When do you sing a new song? When God brings you out of Egypt

When do you sing a new song? When takes you to your Canaan land

When do you sing a new song? When God turns your prayer points to testimonies

When do you sing a new song? When God avenges you on your enemies

When do you sing a new song? When God makes your captivity captive

When do you sing a new song? When the Red sea opens up and swallows your Pharaohs

When do you sing a new song? When God answers His name in your life

When do you sing a new song? When God delivers you

When do you sing a new song? When your enemies perish

When do you sing a new song? When Angels fight for you

When do you sing a new song? When the sun and stars fight for you

When do you sing a new song? When God turns your bareness to fruitfulness

When do you sing a new song? On your wedding day

When do you sing a new song? When you are discharged and acquitted

When do you sing a new song? When you start a new job

When should you sing a new song? When you want deliverance from enemies stronger than you

When should you sing a new song? When you want deliverance from the prisoner of life or pit of darkness