OGUN STATE by Bishop Dr. J. Akin Atere

We are sad with all that is going on between the State Assembly and the Executive of our dear state. When two elephant fight, the grass suffers. I am sure many people will doubt now if they have exercise their vote rightly. Whatever disagreement, I think the interest of the electorate should be paramount. Please, stop taking the silence of the people for granted, unfortunately, all this power play is from self interest, we are no fools but people have learnt to watch and wait for the outcome. The Church is charged to speak for the poor and oppress. Therefore, we condemn in totality the acrimony, disrespect, unwholesome attitude of all our political leaders in the state. I have gone round Ota and its environ, I am still yet to see any noticeable impact of the government except the roads that are under construction. If you check the details of our financial report, a colossal amount of money that should have been spent on reaching the unreached had been spent on diesel and petrol, at home and in the office. Why then do we have a government? The only weapon we have after saying this out is prayer. One day God will deliver us both the government and the governed.