What shall we say unto the Lord? All we have to say is “Thank you Lord” from the time immemorial, God has included Education in the economy of Salvation of humankind. He provided Moses with a rare opportunity of royal education in the palace of King Pharaoh of Egypt. But for the  knowledge of Education, Moses would not have successfully led the Israelites to the promised land with the Decalogue to serve as their moral compass, knowing the essence of education, Moses ordered the Israelites to; “impress them (God’s Commandment) on your children. ..” Deut. 6:7

The Church is a sacred institution committed to serve as light and salt of the world. The Church therefore can best do this by carrying education to the people. Thus, traditionally the church and school or Education has been inseparable twin sisters. Wherever a church is planted a school must be planted beside it. This was the practice for years since Christianity touched the land of Nigeria.

The history of education however suddenly changed when the army came to power in 1970s and took over all schools. We are all witness to what havoc it has done on the school; all the schools taken over are now shadows of what it is used to be. Whether it was smooth or rough sailing, the church has often identified as a stake-holder following this, some school-owing church denominations (Anglican Church inclusive) wrote a letter to Ogun State Governor in 2005 demanding the return of their schools. We want to express our profound and sincere gratitude and thanks to our God-given Governor, the ASOLUDERO of Ogun State, who has graciously returned to us Anglican Grammar School, Ota. We are eternally grateful to his Excellency. God will continue to bless him, his family and Ogun State. It is our vision to use the school to fulfill God’s purpose for all, to make sound education available to children irrespective of their religious faith, to inculcate once again self-discipline with the fear of God, spirit of service, caring and self-reliance, to remove illiteracy, to make both teachers and pupils develop their talents and achieve their life vision.

We call on all lovers of good education especially those who have benefited from mission school to join hand with us wherever you wish to assist, you will be welcome. A huge sum of money will be spent for renovation. It is our plan to make the school full boarding after the government students would have left. May God help us to achieve His purpose to make education a thing we shall all be proud of in our country. Amen.